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This morning, hand is itchy and take some nepenthes photos.

N. x coccinea, I got 2 plant. This plant is speckled pitcher, and the others 1 is full red pitcher. I like it, because of the reddish color and most important, cheap. 😉

Last time, I went to  a famous CPer house and he show me a really nice viking hybrid… But, he also dont know that plant is hybrid with what sp. This is 1 of my favourate!!!!

N. x trichocarpa which I got it FOC from forumer.


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Heliamphora or Sun Pitchers are related to American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) and Cobra Lily plant (Darlingtonia). And it is dream plant for most of Carnivorous Plant lover, because many of us thought that it is difficult plant since they are found on the remote tabletop mountains in the Guayana Highlands of Southern Venezuela and northern Brazil. Their original habitat is about 6000-8000 feet above sea level.

Few months ago, I have a opportunity to buy heliamphora. So, just get 1 and try it out. Now, the plant is giving me 2 new growing point. 1 of it is shown below and the others still forming…  Few pitcher is break because of my careless. For those asked my my garden temperature and humidity, sorry. I dont have those figure. Once I got them, I will update here.

1 of new growing point

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Last thursday, im off from work earlier. So decided to visit Fauzi nepenthes nursery that located at Ampang. As usual… end up with some spent and hole at pocket.

When we chit chat, and suddenly he said “Come I show you something”. haha… look at his face, exactly like a child got a sweet!!!! The pitcher that he show me is huge N. mirabilis var. echinostoma. That is pitcher is really huge worm color (cannot recall what color) pitcher with a unusual peristome. So far, human still dont know why the N. mirabilis var. echinostoma pruduce such unusual peristome.

Here is the photo that I got from internet.
N. mirabilis var. echinostoma

Here is healty S size N. mirabilis var. echinostoma that I got from Fauzi. The plant have a lots of root till I need to repot later.
n. mirabilis var. echinostoma

The others nepenthes that i got from him is N. ampullaria x sibuyenensis that have reddish pitcher
N, amp x sibuyenansis

They are nice… Right?

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N. bicalcarata
I got this from a kind forumer. When I got it, the plant dont have pitcher. This is 1st pitcher. And now, there is total 3 pitchers at my house.
N. bicalcarata

N. albomarginata ‘penang red’, I like the white ling of the plant.
N. albomarginata 'penang red'

N. hookeriana ‘speckled hot lip’
N. hookeriana speckled hot lipN. hookeriana speckled hot lip

N. viking x rafflesianas, the matured pitcher is really nice!!!!
N. viking x rafflesianas

N.veitchii x hurreliana is pitchering now
N.veitchii x hurreliana

N. ampullaria
N. ampullaria

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I started keep nepenthes aka monkey cup aka periuk kera long time ago. My 1st plant is N. ampullaria. Under my careless mistake – forget to water them. The plant is die. It only left me a memory. 😦
Here is the only 1 photo that I taken for the poor guy.

Even nepenthes is genus of carnivorous plant, I dont really like them because of their size and they need shaded place.

Few months ago, nepenthes poison is biting me even I tried hard to get ride  of that. I empty my pocket and got a lovely N. ampullaria ‘brunei red‘. I like the red and round pitcher of the plant. Now, the plant have a lovely house and growing nicely with N. bicalcarata ‘red flush’ as neighbour.

N. bicalcarata ‘red flush’ is award that I got from “PetPitcher Plants competition July 2009“.

N. ampullaria ‘brunei red’ & N. bicalcarata “red flush” as neighbour

N. ampullaria ‘brunei red’

1st pitcher of N. bicalcarata “red flush”

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