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Heliamphora or Sun Pitchers are related to American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) and Cobra Lily plant (Darlingtonia). And it is dream plant for most of Carnivorous Plant lover, because many of us thought that it is difficult plant since they are found on the remote tabletop mountains in the Guayana Highlands of Southern Venezuela and northern Brazil. Their original habitat is about 6000-8000 feet above sea level.

Few months ago, I have a opportunity to buy heliamphora. So, just get 1 and try it out. Now, the plant is giving me 2 new growing point. 1 of it is shown below and the others still forming…  Few pitcher is break because of my careless. For those asked my my garden temperature and humidity, sorry. I dont have those figure. Once I got them, I will update here.

1 of new growing point


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