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New plant that I just got few week ago… it doing fine… and growing nicely…

Below source extracted from Green Culture Singapore forum
The features which make this cultivar different from other red flytraps (such as Dionaea ‘Akai Ryu’ or Dionaea ‘ Red Piranha ‘) are the following
A) petioles are almost always long and thin;
B) totally loses its leaves during winter;
C) totally red, except for the teeth on immature traps, which are yellow;
D) color is a deeper, darker red, almost black in the summer;
E) marginal spines are normal.


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This video clip is really nice!!! Must see


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Double teeth VFT?

Last month, encounter 1 of my typical VFT that produce double teeth. It happen to all trap of the plant. Wish that the plantlet from the plant have such criteria as well.


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Growing carnivorous plants in a pot by its own is not nice, can you imagine yours lovely CP growing on top of chocklat, yellowish and blackish death spagnum moss? Somemore, after sometime, it will melt and become clay look blackish stuff? Yucky!!!

How about we have a pot of CP with a green carpet, and some others non-CP, it sound nice, right?

 1 of famous plant are – live spagnum moss (will explore it next time). On top of live spagnum moss, I also grow a common Eriocaulon sp. that can be found at local river side at CP pot. The plant need a lots of sunlight and water to grow nicely. So, it is suitable side by side with sarracenia, venus fly trap and drosera. I havent try the Eriocaulon sp.  with nepenthes yet. Must try that later… Eriocaulon sp. will produce attena looks flower, and it can be collected and plantlet will grow from there!!!!


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VFT ‘shark teeth’

p_vft_shark_teeth2The plant is name as such because their teeth is looks like shark teeth. And it is 1 of VFT that you can buy and get it locally, Malaysia. Beside shark teeth, the others 2 common 1 are VFT red dragon and those VFT typical.





Spring form p_vft_sharkteeth_spring

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VFT Bristle Tooth

VFT Bristle Tooth

VFT Bristle Tooth
I got this plant from Triffid park and it cost a lots… 😦 . But…. Worth it, because, there is few growing point!!!! The time it reach my house, it is under dormancy and it is fully wake up now

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