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Just some update of my nepenthes at beginning of hot season.

N. viking x ampullaria spotted

N. ampullaria 1

N. ampullaria 2

N. ampullaria tricolor

N. ampullari ‘brunei red’


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Double teeth VFT?

Last month, encounter 1 of my typical VFT that produce double teeth. It happen to all trap of the plant. Wish that the plantlet from the plant have such criteria as well.


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Feeding is not a necessary if you keep yours CP at open air place, like garden or beside of window. But, if you feed them, they definitely will grow bigger and nicer. We can feed any small insect to CP, like ant, fly, cockroach… But, all CP prefer “juicy food”, they will say yummy!!!!! 😉

We can feed CP every week or once every 2 week. Each time, just feed 1 or 2 leaf/trap. Personally, I prefer to use frozen blood worm, because, it is juicy, and I can have it any time.

What I did is, I will de-froze blood worm, and will feed 1 ~ 2 pieces of blood worm to each drosera, and a small bunch of blood worm to VFT and nepenthes.

When feeding VFT, make sure the food is inside the trap. Else, the trap may turn black (as I read from somewhere). Beside that, I also will press the trap to make sure the trap close tightly.

I normally will feed my CP on sunny day, to avoid the food flash out by rain.

Nowadays, I’m really lazy to feed my CP. And most of time, I didn’t do so, because my CPs are located at my garden that have a lots of insect and fly. However, I still fertilizing them with orchids or planted tank fertilizer when I’m free. 🙂

Please see the comment from Andreas, it is very informative as well!!!

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