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Growing carnivorous plants in a pot by its own is not nice, can you imagine yours lovely CP growing on top of chocklat, yellowish and blackish death spagnum moss? Somemore, after sometime, it will melt and become clay look blackish stuff? Yucky!!!

How about we have a pot of CP with a green carpet, and some others non-CP, it sound nice, right?

 1 of famous plant are – live spagnum moss (will explore it next time). On top of live spagnum moss, I also grow a common Eriocaulon sp. that can be found at local river side at CP pot. The plant need a lots of sunlight and water to grow nicely. So, it is suitable side by side with sarracenia, venus fly trap and drosera. I havent try the Eriocaulon sp.  with nepenthes yet. Must try that later… Eriocaulon sp. will produce attena looks flower, and it can be collected and plantlet will grow from there!!!!



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Some drosera sp. can propagate using leaf cutting. Beside laying them flat on top of media, some of them also can propagate using water method. On January 2009, I try it with D. paradoxa, D. intermedia ‘cuba’, D. spatulatha and D. binata var extreme leaf. The container will put in shaded place and will do water change if it is diry.











After 2~3 weeks, Drosera that produce plantlet is,
D. intermedia ‘cuba’ –> all leaf produce plantlet, each leaf have 1 ~ 3 plantlet
D. binata –> 1 out of 2 leaf produce plantlet, each leaf have 4 plantlet
D. paradoxa –> I have 2 leaf in water and 1 produce plantlet
D. spatulatha –> no plantlet produce

intermedia%20using%20waterD. intermedia ‘cuba’ plantlet










paradoxa%20using%20waterD. paradoxa plantlet



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20090525_A Many people failed propagate petiolaris complex drosera. Honors talking, I also failed initially until I got some tips from expert to propagate the most common petiolaris complex drosera – D. paradoxa. I try to explain it with my lousy English. Hope you all understand that. 

Take out the mother plant from media. When pulling, try to tearing at least 3 or 4 leaves at a time; make sure pulling direction is towards mother root direction. You’ll have much better results tearing one paradoxa plant into many larger clumps of leaves instead of pulling off individual ones, and percentage of each leaf have “white part” will higher. 

Prepare a spagnum moss at a taufufa container or any transparent container that have cover. Make sure the media is really wet until you can see some water at surface of media. Laying flat those leaf at the media and make sure both end of leaf is touches water especially the base of the leaf where the white part is. Cover the container tightly. place it at bright place. You will get plantlet in 2 weeks time or longer. For those half dry leaves don’t waste it. Sometime, you may get plantlet as well.







This is how I hold the mother plant and will tear leaves at right hand side.









Clump of leaves that tear off from mother plant.








It is how mother plant look like after tear off the clump.









Poor D. paradoxa.








It is how I arrangement my leaf and it will become D. paradoxa plantlet camber soon.








End result of the above. (There are some paradoxa that not at the photo and some of them sold out as well)

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