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N. rafflesiana

N. rafflesiana tricolor

N. x hookeriana

N. ampullaria

N. gracilis x bicalcarata

N. bellii x [ (steno x lowii) x (rolko x veitchii) ] upper/intermedia pitcher


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N. mirabilis variegated – 1

N. mirabilis variegated – 2

pitcher of N. mirabilis variegated – 2

N. (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana

N. veitchii x platychilla

fake N. clipeata that I mentioned – N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae)

N. lowii x campanulata that just open, wish it will color up soon.

N. rafflesiana var alata x [mirabilis – winged x (mirabilis x Chelsonii)]

N. rafflesiana var alata x [mirabilis – winged x (mirabilis x Chelsonii)] and N. mirabilis – winged x (mirabilis x Chelsonii) are nice, winged and smaller lid.

Overall, N. rafflesiana var alata x [mirabilis – winged x (mirabilis x Chelsonii)] is nice plant. But, I dont like their lid, whereby it is smaller if compare with peristome size.

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New plant that I just got few week ago… it doing fine… and growing nicely…

Below source extracted from Green Culture Singapore forum
The features which make this cultivar different from other red flytraps (such as Dionaea ‘Akai Ryu’ or Dionaea ‘ Red Piranha ‘) are the following
A) petioles are almost always long and thin;
B) totally loses its leaves during winter;
C) totally red, except for the teeth on immature traps, which are yellow;
D) color is a deeper, darker red, almost black in the summer;
E) marginal spines are normal.

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Just a quick update of my house nepenthes (photo taken on Mid of January 2011)

N. rafflesiana pink

N. ampullaria red

N. campanulata

N. boschiana

N. globosa x ampullaria upper pitcher

N. ? forget

N. “thorelii”

N. ampullaria brunei red

N. thorellii x boschiana

N. ampullaria harlequent

N. mirabilis winged x (mirabilis x chelsonii)

N. ampullaria

N. mirabilis red

N. rafflesiana

N. x red dragon

N. unknown

N. ampullaria

N. ampullaria var monavolare X mirabilis enchinostoma

N. x tricorcapa

N. ampullaria

N. rafflesiana tricolor

N. x kuchingensis

N. rafflesiana

N. rafflesiana

N. rafflesiana

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I propagate my nepenthes basal/stem cutting using water method. I cut half mineral water bottle and make 2 overflow hole at the bottle (height of water is depends on length of cutting). Below photo taken on 23rd February 2011.

Below is N. globosa x kuchingensis basal cutting that I did on 26/Jan/2011.




Below are N. mirabilis full green stem cutting that did on 10/Jan/2011

part of the cutting


Upper node that failed to give be off shoot because it is cutted too low . But, lower node still giving me off shoot

2 stem cutting that produce root

From above 2 set of cutting. I learn below
1. basal cutting will produce root faster.
2. when doing stem cutting, make sure didnt accidently cutted those “node”
3. Base on a post at green culture singapore, stem cutting that have leaf will produce root faster. Base on above 2 set of cutting, it seems like it is true. Or may be it produce root faster because it is upper portion of stem cutting. (Not dare to conclude it).

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